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Student´s mobility in Slovenia (14. 11. – 18. 11. 2016)

Posted byNejc Juricon14 03 2017. Comments Off on Student´s mobility in Slovenia (14. 11. – 18. 11. 2016)

14th November 2016
We started our Blended mobility week at School center Celje, where the presentation of our school and city of Celje took place. We have presented transformation of our Dacia Sandero to electric propulsion, with all important components of propulsion. We had presentation of our charging station and test charging our Sandero.

15th November 2016
Students task were to find charging points in Celje area, using Internet or mobile applications. Teachers used that time, to pick up some EV-s (Renault Zoe and Twizy) from local Renault dealer. After that, we went on road trip with EV-s, and try to charge vehicles on charging point found by students.
We took a trip to a small hotel (Celjska koča) , where we had presentation of their part of EV business. They own electric bicycles, witch they rent to tourists.

16th November 2016
Students and teachers took the road trip to Vojnik, where a small company PROMAGNET is located. They do conversion on vehicles and transform them to EV-s. They also install solar power plants of smaller size.

17th November 2016
Students and teachers went on the road trip to Ajdovščina, where the headquarter and production of company PIPISTREL is located. We had presentation of the company and ultralight electric airplanes, that they are producing. They invited us to the small private airport.

18th October 2016
We went on road trip to Češnjice-Podnart, where the headquarter of institute Metron is.
They held lecture on E-mobility: basics of electric vehicles, future trends, new, used and converted
cars available in EU, a challenge for electric mobility growth, batteries for electric vehicles, EU
standards and homologation.